MGR - An eternal superhero!

"People come from as far as South Africa, Malaysia and Sri Lanka to have a glimpse of his house and belongings. I have seen them look lovingly at his clothes, or the plaster cast that was applied when he was shot, with tears" says Mr Swaminathan, Manager of the MGR Memorial house in T.Nagar.
" I joined him in 1972 when he started the party and ever since he has been taking care of me, he mentions fondly as he sits in his office surrounded by pictures of MGR. His role was originally in the party, and after MGR became Chief Minister in 1977 he was moved to his official residence and has remained there since, managing the memorial house since 1990 when it was thrown open to the public by MGR's widow and former Chief Minister, Mrs.V.N.Janaki.

He pauses from time to time, his eyes looking far away, as he thinks of the larger than life persona about whom he is speaking. " Even when he was a struggling actor and was doing small roles in dramas, he would always take c…